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You are at the heart of action in a healthy student & business community – with the convenience of proximity to a vast array of F&B options & other student services – but, living at LOFT @Subang, you are happily isolated from hectic eatery areas; peacefully located away from noisy entertainment spots !


above Klinik Ooi, along more clinics & banks


Klinik Ooi

LOFT @Subang is located above the iconic Klinik Ooi – founded in 1979, the first private medical clinic established in Subang Jaya.


” The LOFT is sandwiched in between by medical clinics, a wide & spacious pedestrian walkway, a dry cleaner & several banks – if you were to pick an ideal location to stay near college, it can’t get better than this! “


Walking distance LOFT Inti & Taylors



You are virtually next door to college at the LOFT – within 5-minute’ leisurely walk, you will reach Inti & Taylor’s main college area. Inti’s main entrance is within 300 metres walking distance (4-minutes’ door-to-door walk); Taylor’s main entrance is within 350 metres walking distance (5-minutes’ door-to-door walk).


no exposure to elements

” At LOFT @Subang, I really love that I don’t need to cross or walk alongside major roads to reach college every day – no need to suffer daily dust & pollution, no need to face the discomfort of walking under the blazing sun or splattering thunderstorms, no dangers of being exposed to open traffic! “


walk to college

” I can walk to college for class & walk home anytime, hop back to college to meet my friends to study or to work on group projects, & go home as many times as I like in between to rest, put my stuff, shower & get changed, it’s really convenient. “


birds on roof


singing birds

” The best part about living at the LOFT is that with windows all around the LOFT, & no food or entertainment outlets located below or beside – you get to fully enjoy the calm of the quiet alley for your own peace & tranquillity – I really appreciate the lucky location of the LOFT, it’s a pleasant surprise to find this in SS15. “


front facing row beside Pressto



LOFT @Subang is at the front-facing row of SS15 Subang Jaya, at the corner lot above Klinik Ooi – located right beside two other clinics & CIMB bank, with Pressto (dry cleaners & laundry) on the other side, across the alley from the LOFT.


view of alley beside LOFT



Our location is in a quiet & peaceful corner spot, alongside a pedestrian-only walkway – away from the hustle, bustle & noise of busy eatery & entertainment areas.


starry nights

” The LOFT is very fortunately situated facing away from the noise & air pollution of busy late-night eateries, & doesn’t face non-stop traffic congestion till the wee hours of the morning right in front of our doorstep – thanks for the peace! “


plenty of F&B options


love it!

Within a short walk in any direction, there is a huge variety of F&B options, & plenty more choices as you venture further. Explore where to eat, where to chill, hangout & study every day, according to your fancy!



” LOFT @Subang is a short-walk radius from literally hundreds of eateries, cafés & services – all in a jiffy! “


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directionsDirections to LOFT @Subang :-


1Use Waze to find the best way to drive here – search ‘loft @subang‘ & press ‘Go’ !

    • It will take 20 minutes (toll-free 18.8km driving distance, without traffic) via the Federal Highway (Lebuhraya Persekutuan) – to drive from KL Sentral station to LOFT @Subang.

    • You can also use the NPE (New Pantai Expressway / Lebuhraya Baru Pantai), which requires you to pay toll –  it will take 20 minutes in traffic-free periods (18.3km driving distance).

    • Alternatively, you can combine both routes – in heavy traffic, you should reach us in less than 35 to 40 minutes’ drive from KL Sentral station – or use Waze to search ‘loft @subang’ for the quickest driving route to reach us anytime !


2From KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), take the KLIA Ekspres direct train to reach KL Sentral station – OR use CatchThatBus.com to reach Kuala Lumpur by bus –

AND then use the LRT (Kelana Jaya Line) :-

    1. From any LRT or Monorail station, get onto the Kelana Jaya Line* & head towards Kelana Jaya.  (KL Sentral is a public transportation hub – in KL Sentral ([KJ15] – KL Sentral LRT), get onto the Kelana Jaya Line)

    2. Exit at the last stop, the ‘[KJ24] – Kelana Jaya LRT’ station.

    3. Walk down to the ‘Bus Stand of Stesen LRT Kelana Jaya, LDP‘ – on the same side of the road as the LRT station  (Do NOT cross the main road.  With your back facing the LRT station, traffic should be heading LEFT).

    4. Take bus ‘U623 towards Sunway Subang Parade‘ – exit at the ‘Kompleks 3C, Lebuhraya NPE‘ bus stop.

    5. At the same bus stop, wait for & get on the next bus ‘U76 towards Subang Parade‘ – exit at the ‘Maybank Subang Jaya, Lebuhraya NPE‘ bus stop.

    6. Cross the main road – using the overhead pedestrian bridge, head towards Maybank (row of shops behind the bus stop across the main road) – when you are facing Maybank, turn left & walk – you will reach LOFT @Subang in one minute !bus stop Maybank front of LOFT

* use the ‘RAPIDKL JOURNEY PLANNER’ at the bottom of the MYrapid public transport portal webpage to search for the best way to get onto the Kelana Jaya line.  At the ‘TO’ destination space, enter ‘Maybank Subang Jaya, Lebuhraya NPE‘.


3Use MyTeksi to catch a taxicab – Ask to get to ‘SS 15, Subang Jaya‘ – ‘same row as McDonald’s, Maybank & CIMB bank‘.

    • LOFT @Subang is located aboveKlinik Ooi‘ – on the row facing the main road bus stop, a few doors beside CIMB bank.



locationLocation Map


Address of LOFT @Subang – 34, Jalan SS 15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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