Rooms & amenities


Our rooms are designed comfortably – with you in mind, as a personal space that is conducive for studying & recharging – all basic luxuries are of an excellent standard.


Guys’ & girls’ rooms are on separate floors, which are accessible only via personal key cards.


” LOFT @Subang is fully-furnished & an entirely CLEAN & newly-renovated place – just bring your own pillow & blanket & you’re all set! “



bed table & chair aircond fan wardrobe clothesrack clock shower washroom washbasin water dispenser fridge laundry security wifi



Single room

Single Room


Double room

Double Room


Window in every room, fully-adjustable curtain blinds

view from window frame


Air conditioner



Wall fan & clock



Study table & chair





  • Bed sheet & mattress protector

  • Wardrobe cabinet

  • Standing clothes rack



Shared amenities in common area :-


Wash basin



Hot & cold water dispenser



Refrigerator & shared standing racks



Instant on-demand hot water showers

hot water showers


Laundry washing machine

laundry washing machine


  • Four separate showers & washrooms

  • High-speed internet broadband Wi-Fi


The LOFT undertakes maintenance of all shared amenities. All electricity, water & internet charges (within reasonable usage) are borne by the LOFT.


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