safety in numbers 

Safety is a key priority at LOFT @Subang.  Located centrally, the LOFT is at the front-facing row of SS15, along medical clinics & banks, in a prime spot that is very well-patronised.


entrance along clinics banks


highly-visible entrance

We have a highly-visible front-facing entrance – our entrance is on the main path of pedestrian traffic – with people walking along day & night, plus other residents at the LOFT, there is safety in numbers. When entering or exiting, you are protected from isolation – lively pedestrian traffic means that passers by will always have an eye on what’s happening.


public CCTV



With banks & other CCTV surveillance along the same row, there are always multiple eyes watching the area around LOFT @Subang.



We are equipped with high-definition CCTV surveillance with day & night-vision capabilities – with high-quality round-the-clock surveillance coverage encompassing our entire premises & all entrances.




security door

At our main entrance & at each entrance to every floor, security doors permit entry only for residents using their own security key card. Each of our floors are designated exclusively as girls-only or boys-only floors.


police station SS17


police station SS17



The nearest police station & fire-brigade station is only 1 to 2 minutes drive from LOFT @Subang – at SS17, just one traffic light away along the main road.


fire exit



The design as well as the construction standards of LOFT @Subang is built entirely with safety & quality in mind. We are fully compliant with fire-protection safety codes – all our building plans are approved under official fire-safety standards. Our walls are constructed from solid (at least 4-inch thick) lightweight concrete or reinforced concrete – all our wooden doors are fire-rated solid hardwood doors.



The quality of our construction not only ensures top-notch fire-safety protection, but also provides excellent sound-proofing – because of the attention we have put into the details of our structural design, hi-quality material usage & best construction practices. Although you are at the happening centre of Subang Jaya – you have optimal privacy, peace & quiet for a good day’s work & good night’s rest.


solid electrical wiring

The entire design & ethos of the LOFT is conceptualised in line with the vision & principles of our founder, a veteran professional civil engineer who believes in implementing best practices. Even in the parts you don’t see, such as the electrical wiring layout that goes into each room, we don’t cut corners. All our wiring & cabling are carefully pre-planned & concealed – no exposed wires, hanging cables or dangling pipes! Our rooms won’t suffer overload tripping problems or short-circuit issues, because we follow proper guidelines for our entire wiring setup & installation.



” Living at the LOFT, you can really note the difference in the investment, genuine care & effort that has went into every part of the place – from the furnishings to the quality of room construction. “


home + window

At LOFT @Subang, we strive to provide you with safe & top-quality accommodation – so that you stay with us, always with peace of mind – so that you focus on striving & performing, while we take care of your safety & comfort in your home away from home.


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